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Day 1.  San Antonio to Vancouver

Day 1. Got off to an early start this morning to get to the airport for our 9:15 flight.  Had a couple of glitches early.  Malissa's hair gel (6 oz bottle) was confiscated at security (what would happen if two people traveling together each took 3 oz of hair gel?  Would they be able to get that dangerous substance on board?) and I'm pretty sure I forgot the electric cord for my CPAP machine.  We don't have to head to the port until about noon tomorrow, so hopefully we'll be able to get some replacements before we go.  Other than that, things have gone smoothly.  Flew American Airlines from San Antonio to DFW then had an hour before our next flight to Seattle.  That's just about the perfect amount of time between flights.  Don't have to rush to the next terminal and don't have to sit there very long once you arrive.  We were a little worried when we got on the plane and saw we were seated behind two very small children, but they were very good the whole flight.  The in-flight movie was called "Penelope."  I'd never heard of it before.  Starred Christine Ricci as a rich girl cursed with a pig face.  Wasn't too bad for a chick flick. 
   We got to Seattle and had about an hour and a half wait for our bus to Vancouver.  Not a bad wait.  The weather was nice and we just sat outside until it was time to leave.  I was really surprised by the whole setup they had at the Seattle airport to get people on shuttles to the cruise ships.  They had a really large area and a lot of signs to funnel people to the buses.  I'd never seen that at other airports, but then I've never gone directly from the airport to a cruise.  The bus driver has already told us we don't have to make two of the regularly scheduled stops, so we hoped to get to Vancouver a little early.
   A rather odd side note: while passing through a small town I believe was called Skagit WA, we passed a Walmart parking lot where an older gentleman was standing bare ass naked.  Don't have any idea what he was doing, he just kind of stood and watched us pass.
   We were delayed some at customs because we were behind three other buses, but all things considered it didn't take too long.  Our bus driver was real good about taking us directly to our hotel, but we drove around Vancouver for an hour while he dropped off others.  It was after nine before we got to our room.  So much for getting there early.
   The hotel offered a shuttle to the port, but told us we had to wait until morning to sign up for it.