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Day 3. A Day at Sea

Day 3.  We saw our first whales today.  Didn't have a great view - they were too far away.  I was standing on our balcony smoking my pipe and saw the plume out of the corner of my eye.  I called Malissa out and we saw another plume.  I'm so glad I had binoculars.  I was able to watch them for quite a while.  They seemed to be swimming just below the surface.  Didn't see any more plumes and after a while they were too far behind us to even see with the binoculars.
   I got up at about 7:15 today and went up to the Windjammer for breakfast.  I sat outside.  It was very foggy and a little chilly.  Fortunately, I had checked on the balcony before going up, so I wore a sweater and some jeans.  There were some people wearing shorts and t-shirts.  I'm sure they changed later.  Malissa joined me at about 8:30 and then we went to see the loyalty ambassador.  Nobody was there to talk to though.  We went to the concierge lounge then and had some coffee, then at 10:00 we went to a lecture titled "North to Alaska - The Gold Rush."  It was an interesting talk about the trials of the early settlers, but the slide presentation was so blurry it was hard to make out a lot of things.  After the lecture, Malissa decided to head to the casino and I took a short nap.  When I woke up, I decided to join her in the casino but when I got there I couldn't find her.  I found a Double Diamond machine that was paying off fairly frequently so I spent most of my time on it.  Malissa showed up about the time I started losing my money, so we went to get a late lunch.  After lunch we went back to our room, which is when we saw the whales.
   We got Malissa's Crown and Anchor membership straightened out today.  Once we found the Loyalty ambassador it didn't take very long.  She simply looked it up on the computer and told us there had been a mistake.  She put a piece of tape on Malissa's sea pass card that said "Diamond Member."  None too soon either.  You get some little perks when you travel as a Diamond Member that was driving her crazy.  When we first got to our room there was a fruit tray waiting for us (really for "the diamond member").  The next day after lunch there was a cheese plate and later they brought a plate of chocolates with a note that said it was exclusively for the Diamond Member. She was really starting to give me a hard time about the whole thing and calling me Mr Diamond.