Tim's Travel Blog

Day 8. At Sea

Day 8.  Well, it's our last full day on the cruise.  We slept in later than usual today because we had to set our clocks forward last night.  I went to the Windjammer for breakfast, then came back to the room, but Malissa was gone.  I found her having breakfast in the concierge lounge so I had some coffee there.  There were people coming in worrying about their travel arrangements and disembarkation time.  I would never plan a flight or transportation before about 2:00 PM unless you really have to.  There's just too much possibility you won't make anything earlier.  One cruise we were on was late because of the weather and they didn't start letting people off the ship until after 10:00 that morning.
   They had a reception for platinum and diamond members of the Crown an Anchor Society at noon today, so we went to that.  Ran into Tony and Alice from dinner and sat with them.  Once again, we were so engrossed in conversation we didn't realize they had cleaned the place up and everybody had left while we were sitting there.
   We had a good dinner again today and I took pictures of everyone we ate with and passed out my business cards.  Unfortunately, my pictures of our dining companions turned out really dark, so if anybody has good pictures from the table, I'd love to get some.  I really hope to hear from them all again.  After that, there was nothing to do but say our goodbyes and go back to the room and pack.  This is when you really realize the cruise is coming to an end and it's always a sad time.  We got our stuff packed and set outside the room then spent the evening in the casino.  It didn't go real well, but we were there for quite a while and didn't spend that much money.