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Day 10. The Trip Home.

Day 10.  Our trip home was really uneventful.  We had a 1:00 flight out of Seattle so we took the shuttle from the Hotel at about 11:00.  I had done an online check-in at the hotel, so we got into the airport quickly.  Our flight was running a little late, but nothing really to worry about. 
   As the plane took off, the woman in front of me just slammed her seat back into my knees.  I let out a few choice words and had to physically push her seat forward to try to get her seat off of me.  It didn't seem to bother her though and she kept her seat reclined the entire flight.  Here's a tip for those who don't fly a lot:  Don't put your seat back!  There's not enough room in the seat behind you and it really doesn't make you anymore comfortable.  Most frequent flyers just consider it rude.
   Oddly, the same family with the two small children that were on our flight out, were sitting across the aisle from us.  Once again, the kids were so well behaved.  I was really impressed.
   We got into Dallas late and had to run to our next flight (even though my knees were still aching from having a seat pressed against them for three hours), but it turned out that flight was late too.  It's a short flight to San Antonio so we made it home by 8:00.
   I was a little worried that I wouldn't remember where I had left the car.  I thought it was on level 3 (even though I kept saying deck 3), but wasn't sure.  It was, though.  Right where I left it.

This has been a great trip, and if you've ever thought of doing an Alaskan cruise, I say do it.  While we've enjoyed every cruise we've been on, this was the best.