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Day 8.  A Day of Rest?

    Well, it wasn't as relaxing a day as I had hoped.  Things started out well.  I spent some time teaching my mother to use her new computer and we went out and got her a new printer/scanner/copier and got that hooked up.  I got some laundry done then emptied my waste tanks on the camper.  My parents went to a doctors appointment so Alex and I were at their house alone and he hit the back of his head on the closet door in the camper and got a pretty big gash.  I took him to the emergency room at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in the camper and after a couple hours of waiting they put a couple of staples in.  I guess one good thing came of that: we stopped on the way back and bought gas for $3.51/gallon.  It's sad when you're happy about only $3.51, but that's the best I've seen this trip.
    After we got back to the house and had some dinner we were standing in the front yard and saw a C-5 landing at the base.  My parents house is right in the landing pattern and just a couple of miles from the base, so we had a real good view of the planes.  Alex took a lot of pictures..