Christmas Cruise
Voyager of the Seas
December 21--28 2008

Tim's Travel Blog

A Christmas cruise has become a family tradition for us.  This is our third Christmas cruise, and our second on the Voyager of the Seas. 

We've only sailed on Royal Caribbean, and that's really paying off for us now.  We've become Diamond Members of the Crown and Anchor Society which give us some really nice perks.  There's a special line for check-in (although this cruise had a lot of Platinum and Diamond members, so that wasn't really any faster), you get special treats in your cabin and gifts, you are allowed access to the Concierge Lounge where you can get some drinks and snacks and the concierge will help you with reservations for events on board and even special VIP tickets to get you off faster in ports of call.  You also have a special VIP lounge to wait in on the last day when you're disembarking and you're automatically put in an early group to leave the ship.

While we had a great time on this cruise, I think the Voyager of the Seas is just too big and too crowded.  One night, while making my way from the casino to the Connoisseur's lounge (a place where you can smoke pipes and cigars) I was trapped on the promenade deck as a parade started and there was no way to get out.  I couldn't get back to the Casino or to the Connoisseur's lounge.