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Day 9.  Galveston Texas

Getting off the ship is never an easy thing to do.  They're trying to move 4500 people in an orderly manner, get their luggage to them and get them through customs in a reasonable amount of time, and it's usually not as smooth as you would hope.  We got up at 7:00 and packed up the rest of our stuff, then headed to the "VIP Departure Lounge" on deck 5 (being a loyal customer does pay off).  We had a little to eat there and were settling down for a wait, when someone from the staff came in and told us there was a problem with the escalator at the pier and it would be a while before we got off.  Just a few minutes later though, they came in and told us to follow them to the pier.  We were off the ship by 8:20 and on the road by a little after 9:00.