Tim's Travel Blog

   For dinner, we went to Blackbeard's on the beach.  That's a place you've got to try if you're in Corpus.  I had the catfish and it was excellent.
   Blackbeard's happens to be real close to the aquarium.  They serve seafood, mexican, burgers, etc.  It's just a fun place to eat.  The food's good and reasonably priced. 
   I couldn't find a web page for them, but there are plenty of reviews on the web.

Day 3.  The Trip Home.  Driving home from a vacation always seems to take longer than the trip there.  We packed everything up the next morning and hit the road in the early afternoon and headed back to San Antonio.
   The only mistake I made was forgetting it was Friday and we hit San Antonio just at rush hour.  Fortunately it didn't delay us too much though.