Tim's Travel Blog

Day 1 (June 11, 2008).  We got off to a late start today.  Wanted to be on the road by 4:00, but it was about 5:15 before we got started.  With gas prices near $4.00, I decided to take it slow all the way down to Corpus, keeping the motor home at about 65 mph.  We stopped at a rest area for dinner and heated up some leftovers we'd brought from home.
   We had decided to take an alternate route to the campground to avoid going over the bridge out of Corpus, and Google Maps had given us directions through the little town of Odem, Texas (pop 2400).  The sun was already going down by the time we got to Odem and there were a lot of narrow roads we had to traverse.  Some of the roads were so rough I thought it was going to rattle the RV apart.  At one point we hit a one lane road with a traffic light on each end.  We sat there for a long time waiting for the light to change, and couldn't see the other end of the road to know if it was safe.  On the way home, we decided to go over the bridge.  We finally made it to the campground just before 9:00
   The Sea Breeze RV park in Portland, Texas (www.seabreezerv.com) was really dark when we got in and I had some trouble finding our space.  Forgot to bring a flashlight (need to add that to my checklist) so it was a