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Day 2.  We don't have a dinghy for the RV (that's what you call the car you tow behind your motor home), and decided to get a rental car while we were here.  We went with Enterprise since they offer to pick you if you call.  Others probably do it too, but they were the only ones that advertised it.  They were real good about picking us up on time and getting us in and out real quick
   Spent the morning exploring the Sea Breeze RV Park.  It's not a bad place, but their lake and cabana aren't anything to brag about.  In their defense, though, they were doing a lot of cleaning and planting while we were here.  They have a nice clubhouse and the office staff was really friendly.
The RV park sits on Corpus Christi Bay and does have a real nice view of the Corpus Skyline.  They offer the usual amenities (water, electric, wireless internet), but didn't have cable.  They also have a pool, a hot tub, and a private fishing pier.

Overall, it was a nice park.  I'm sure we'll stay there again.




The Lake at the Seabreeze RV Park

The Sea Breeze RV Park