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Day 5. Hubbard Glacier

Day 5.  Hubbard Glacier.  We had a very relaxing day today, but the Hubbard Glacier was disappointing.  It was so foggy when we passed by it, you couldn't see anything.  When the fog lifted, the captain turn the ship around in a circle so everyone could see it, but it was too far away to really see anything.  Part of the problem is we didn't really know what we were looking for.  I was expecting a giant piece of ice floating in the ocean like you see with pictures of Antarctica, but the glaciers we saw on this trip looked more like ice flows down the sides of mountains.
   We went to the concierge lounge for drinks before dinner.  It was really crowded, but we had met some people the night before and they invited us to sit at their table.  Had a good dinner and then everyone from our table went to the Crown and Anchor welcome back party.  Our group from dinner all sat together. 
   We were all sitting around talking and having such a good time, I don't think anyone noticed that the reception ended and we were the only ones left.  Eventually somebody said it was time for the night's show and we decided to leave.  The show was a musical ("Vibe*ology") and very entertaining.  After the show we went to the casino for a while (I'm happy to report that I broke even tonight), then called it a night.