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Day 6. Skagway, Alaska

Day 6.  We've had a great day today.  Got up about 8:00, took a shower and went to breakfast.  We sat outside the dining room until about 10:00 then headed into town to do a little shopping.  It's a pretty good walk from the ship to town and we didn't see the shuttle that takes you to the end of the pier (it's a long pier).  The prices at the shops in town were very reasonable so we bought souvenirs for everybody and a postcard for Donk and mailed that out to him.  We got back to the ship about 11:30 and had some lunch.  We saw Melissa (our assistant waiter) working in the Windjammer, but at the same time one of the Windjammer staff came over to see how we were doing and by the time he left Melissa was gone.
   After lunch we headed out for our shore excursion.  We had decided on the Yukon Jeep Adventure.  After a short bus ride to the jeeps, they split us into two groups and assigned us to a jeep wrangler.  For some reason, the people we were assigned to ride with decided they didn't want to ride with
anyone else and they left.  We saw them walking the mile and a half back to town as we were pulling away.  So, it worked out that Malissa and I had a jeep to ourselves.  It was a beautiful drive up the White Pass, which is the same route many of the gold rushers had taken.  We crossed into Canada and then drove to the Yukon.  In all, it was about an hour and a half drive each way, with several stops along the way to see the scenery.  At one point our guide saw a black bear cross the road, but by the time we got to it, all I saw was its hind legs as it headed into the woods.  We stopped, then, in Carcross (short for Caribou crossing) for a break and a small snack.  We got some ice cream at a local store and got a Yukon stamp on our passports while we were there.  Then we headed out to do some four wheeling.  Unfortunately, we got behind the other group and they were driving pretty slow up the mountain.  Our group took a quick vote and decided to make the stop at the top of the mountain a short one and get out ahead of the other group.  On the drive back, we made a couple of more stops but got back to the ship fairly quickly.
   We talked to a couple of people today who spend their summers in Skagway working in the tourist areas.  They've referred us to a website called workkamper.com.  They had come up in their RVs in mid April and work here until the last ship comes in, in the fall.  I'll have to check that out when I get home.
   Since our shore excursion didn't get back until 7:00PM, we had made reservations at the Chops Steakhouse on board for dinner at 8:30.  It was excellent.  Well worth the extra charge it costs.  After dinner, Malissa went to the casino for a while and I went to bed (we have to be out on the pier at 7:00 in the morning for our excursion in Juneau tomorrow.