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Day 7. Juneau, Alaska

Day 7.  Had to get up early today and get ready for our shore excursion.  I happened to look at the camera and saw it hadn't charged at all over night, so I plugged it in while we went to the concierge lounge for some coffee.  It didn't get fully charged, and the battery died before our excursion was over, but I got some good pictures and video while we were out.
   Today we went on a whale-watching excursion.  We took our raincoats (that we had bought especially for this excursion), but didn't need them.  The weather was great.  We saw Humpbacks and Orcas.  The guide told us it was really rare to see the Orcas and they only see them every couple of weeks.  We also saw a lot of bald eagles and a group of seals sitting on a buoy.  I've got a great video of one of the smaller seal trying to get onto the buoy.  When he finally did, everybody on the boat cheered.
   I had gone to the casino in the afternoon and it seemed like everything I touched paid off.  I started with some video poker and hit a straight flush for 250 coins.  I cashed in from that and thought I'd play Jackpot Party for a little while.  On the first spin I hit the Jackpot Party for 175 coins.  I immediately cashed out on that game, but the machine ran out of coins.  While I was waiting for them to fill the machine I began pumping quarters into the "Break the Bank" machine next to it and I broke the bank and got another 72 coins.  I decided it was time to quit then so when I cashed out I was up about $70.  I went back after dinner and played some craps and managed to give it all (plus some more) back.
   Malissa spent the afternoon in the spa getting massages and a facial.  It was probably fun for her I guess.