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Day 2. (PM) Boarding the Ship

Day 2.  The hotel van picked us up just a little late and took us to the pier.  Check-in was really quick, but we had to go through customs again before boarding the ship.  We've never had to do that before.  When we checked in, they had me listed as a diamond member of the Crown and Anchor Society, but they had only listed Malissa as Platinum.  I told them they made a mistake, but they said I'd have to go to the purser's desk to get it fixed.  As soon as we got on the ship, we went to the Purser's desk, but they said they didn't have the authority to change it and we'd have to go to see the loyalty ambassador between 6:00 and 7:30.  Since we were assigned the main seating for dinner (6:00 to 7:30) that was going to be difficult.
   We went from there up to the Pool bar (Our rooms wouldn't be ready until 1:00) and had a drink.  This is why you don't want to carry on too much luggage.  At 1:00 we went to check out our room.  This is clearly one of the nicest rooms we've ever had.  We were lucky enough to get an aft balcony, which I think are the best.  The balconies are bigger and you don't just get a view of one side of the ship.  The room is bigger than most balcony rooms we've had and also has curtains that separate the bed from the sitting area (why don't we have that when Alex is with us?).  We spent some time, then, exploring the ship.  They have pool tables on the Serenade.  I'd think it would be hard to keep the balls in place, but I guess if you really like pool it's a good thing.  They also have a waterslide, but I don't imagine it was used much.  I don't remember seeing anyone in the pool the whole cruise.
   After our walk, we hung out for a while, then it was time for the Muster drill.  It went really fast, but we always seem to get the muster station that is furthest from the door.  Of course, after the muster drill, it's a madhouse trying to get back into the ship.  I decided instead of going back to the room (and fighting the crowd going up four decks) I'd just go down one deck to the purser's desk again.  I needed an extension cord for my CPAP machine because they don't have many outlets in the staterooms.  I use to be able to just ask the stateroom attendant for an extension cord, but now you have to sign for them.  I guess too many people walked off with those quality Royal Caribbean extension cords.  I've got to put extension cord on my checklist.  That took a little bit of time because their printer wasn't working right, but I finally got my cord and went back to the room.

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