Tim's Travel Blog

Day 2.  Hazen Arkansas to Kankakee Illinois

    I had hoped to make it to La Porte today, but didn't.  I only made it as far as Kankakee Illinois.  Three things contributed to this.  First, of course, I didn't make it as far as I wanted yesterday.  Second, the 55 mph speed limit for RVs in Illinois slowed me down.  Finally, I wanted to stop in Charleston to visit my brother.  By 8:00 I was just too tired to go any further and stopped at the KOA in Kankakee.  Seems like a nice place.  There were a lot of kids playing in the pool, and people sitting around campfires.  I'm just here to get a good night's sleep though.  I'll make it to Laporte in a couple of hours tomorrow.
    When I filled up my tank this morning (remember, I wanted to see how driving 65 would affect my gas mileage) I found that I got about 9 mpg on the last day of yesterday's trip.  I was surprised since I had gotten 11 mpg while doing 60 mph.  I spent most of today driving 55 (in spite of Sammy Hagar's advice) and found I was getting just a little better than 11 mpg.  A little improvement over driving 60, but not enough to give up that 5 miles every hour.  That really adds up after 12 hours of driving.
    Nothing else exciting happened today.