Tim's Travel Blog

Day 3.  Kankakee Illinois to La Porte Indiana

    Finally made it to La Porte today.  It only took a couple of hours after I left the campgrounds.  The closer I got to Chicago, the higher the gas prices got.  I saw some for $4.35 a gallon.  As soon as I got into Indiana, though, the prices went down again to about 3.85.
    When I got up this morning, I noticed water on the floor of the bathroom.  As I was disconnecting the electric, I noticed a cap missing from a vent on the roof.  I'll have to get a new one soon.
    I stopped for gas just before getting to La Porte and filled up again.  I hadn't reset my odometer the last time I filled up and remembered I had gotten 14 gallons that time.  This time I calculated my mileage at 12 mpg.  Doing better.
   We went to dinner at a Chinese buffet called the Great Wall.  They had some good food.  I especially liked the spicy shrimp.