Tim's Travel Blog

Day 10.  Mammoth Caves

    We had a great day at Mammoth Caves.  It was raining when we got up and I considered calling for the "highly recommended" reservations, but when I called the information line to hear about the tours, it was really hard to understand the names of the tours and they only talked about three different ones.  Two they talked about were and hour and 15 minutes and the other was four and a half hours long.  It seemed that an hour and fifteen minutes was too short and the four and a half hour one was too long.  We decided to just drive in and see what we could get.  Following the signs as we crossed the interstate we saw it was only 5 miles to the national park.  About five miles later we saw a sign that had us take a left turn and said the park was two miles away.  After four miles, we saw another sign that said the park was straight ahead.  About four miles after that, we finally got to the visitor center.  We signed up for two 2-hour tours.  The first was the Historic Tour, where we saw the Giant's coffin, the bottomless pit and passed through Fat Man's Misery.  After that tour, we had about an hour for lunch then went on to the "New Entrance" tour.  It was really a lot of stairs, but had some really beautiful sights including the frozen Niagara and plenty of stalactites and stalagmites.  By the time we were finished, it was 3:30 and we went back to the camper for a little while then went to a small roadside amusement park where Alex drove a go-cart for a while then played some arcade games.  After a quick dinner at KFC we went to Wal-Mart and picked up some things, then called it a day.
    I will say I was a bit disappointed in some of the guests who thought everybody wanted to hear their conversations or turned on flashlights when the tour guides would turn off the cave lights to show us how dark it would get.  Some people just have no respect for anyone or anything.