Tim's Travel Blog

Day 11.  Dinosaur World and Guntown Mountain

    We started the day with a visit to Dinosaur World.  It's a great attraction for kids.  We went through the museum fairly quickly (Alex doesn't like to read the signs).  Then started the Dinosaur walk.  We hadn't gone very far when we realized it was time for the fossil dig and headed back to the park for that.  The kids get to sift through sand that's been seeded with various shark teeth, amber, etc.  They get to keep three of the "fossils" they find.  After that, we went back to the Dinosaur walk and saw all the life sized dinosaur models they have set up.  It's a nice walk, but I thought the coloring of the dinosaurs made them look rather cartoonish.  I realize nobody really knows what color dinosaurs were, but the bright yellows and reds and oranges didn't look realistic at all to me.
   After some lunch we went to Guntown Mountain.  We stayed for three shows: a comedy stunt show, a magic show, and a reenactment of a gunfight.  Alex acted bored, but I did catch him laughing a few times.  I think his favorite part was the ski lift up and down the mountain.
    Then we went to another go-cart place and wasted some money there then took the rental car back. 
    I've got to remember to write to Enterprise and tell them what a great employee they have there.  After we got back to our camper, Kelly from Enterprise called and said we'd left our video camera in the car.  She went out of her way after work to bring it back to us after she got off work.