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Day 12.  Cave City Kentucky to Murfreesboro Arkansas

    We started the day getting everything unhooked and stowed and we were on the road at 8:30.  We made it to the Nashville airport just as Malissa arrived, so that worked out perfect (except I hit a stop sign with the RV - they were placed too close.  I had to have Malissa get out and move one at the next crosswalk). 
    We got lost getting to the campground tonight.  We followed the google map to the letter and wound up at the Daisy National Park instead of the Crater of Diamonds state park.  I should have just followed the signs when we got close and we would have arrived at least 20 minutes earlier.  I've got to check, too, because I think the map took us on a really round about way.  I've seen signs on I-30 that say Crater of Diamonds, and we turned off long before them.  If I had internet access, I'd check tonight, but that will have to wait until we get home.
    Update:  The next day, when I went to check in at the visitor center, I was told that people always complain about the Google maps they use to get to the park.  I can't completely blame Google, though, GPS mapping of the area seems to be very bad.  On our way home, we tried to use the GPS in Malissa's phone and that got us lost too.  After 30 miles, it told us to make a U-turn and then took us back to where we started.