Tim's Travel Blog

Day 13.  Crater of Diamonds State Park

    Digging for diamonds isn't as exciting as you might think.  I guess it would be more exciting if we'd found any, but it's a lot of work and the sun was really hot.  If you're going to come here, I recommend a beach umbrella or a canopy to work under and you will get dirty and muddy.  We spent a couple of hours looking but didn't find anything.  They have a nice little restaurant to eat at and a swimming pool.  Malissa and Alex went swimming while I did some laundry.  I've got to add laundry detergent to my checklist.  They hadn't been at the pool very long and I heard a loud crack of thunder.  It wasn't very long before it started pouring down rain.  We hung out in the trailer for a while, but they don't have cable here and we could only get a PBS channel and a religious channel.  We ended up watching the special features on the Futurama DVD we'd brought ("Beast with a Billion Backs"), but that only lasted so long.  Malissa and I spent the afternoon reading while Alex played video games.  Need to also remember to bring more than one DVD.
    Overall, this has been a fun vacation, but I'm really going to be glad to get home tomorrow.  I know I'll have to mow the yard and get the RV cleaned up.  I'll also need to take it in for service (the "Service Engine Soon" light came on yesterday), but it'll be nice to sleep in my own bed again.