Tim's Travel Blog

Day 2.  Leaving Galveston

I was up early again today and went down to breakfast at about 7:30.  I should have slept a little bit later, but actually fell asleep about 9:00 last night.  It's a good thing we went back to get our jackets.  It's cold out here today.  Just hung out at our room until about 11:00 then headed to the pier.  Check-in went fairly fast except that we got in line right behind a large group traveling together and it took forever for them to get through the first passport check.  They didn't have their passports out and for some reason each one had to be asked individually to get theirs out.  As we checked in, I noticed that Malissa and my seapass cards said we'd be at table 265 for dinner, but Alex's said he'd be at table 000.  When I questioned it, I was told I'd have to check with the maitre' d after we got on board.  After we got on board, we went straight to the dining room and were told that we were all at table 265.  It was too cold to sit on deck, so we went to the Windjammer where I had a bite to eat (Malissa and Alex had just eaten breakfast) while we waited for the staterooms to open up.  We only had to wait about 25 minutes then got to our room.  Although it's a balcony room, it's probably as big as the junior suite we had a few years ago.  Just got lucky on that one, though.  We originally had a window room for this cruise but the prices went down a couple of months ago and we were able to upgrade to what is probably the nicest non-suite on the ship (room 1388) for less than we had originally paid.  This is our third trip on the Voyager of the Seas and while we've always had nice rooms, this is the best we've had so far.

Our luggage was at the room really early today, and we met our Stateroom Attendant Gary.  Everything was in the room when we arrived (including the Royal Caribbean robes Malissa had bought) except our key to the concierge lounge.  Gary got those for us quickly, and I did some walking around the ship.  Later, Malissa decided she wanted some lunch, so we headed back to the Windjammer and stayed there until it was time for the muster drill.  Once again, our muster station was the furthest from the doors and it was cold outside.  We'd worn our jackets, but it was REALLY cold.  I told the guy next to me that we were on an Alaskan cruise this summer and it was warmer then.  He was from Canada, though and probably wasn't as bothered by the weather as I was.  The muster drill seemed to take forever.  We were entertained while we waited by a young lady named Sarah from Allen TX.  She was introducing herself to everyone and told what was probably the worst joke we heard on the cruise (what kind of car does Luke Skywalker drive? A To-yoda).  She led the group in some Christmas songs and taught us how to play "Hey Dolphin" (She said it was just like "Hey Cow" which didn't help much.  You yell "hey dolphin" and if a dolphin comes out of the water you get a point).  We didn't get any points for dolphins, but as we were walking back up the stairs I yelled "Hey Sarah" and got a point that way.
   After the muster drill it was time to head to dinner.  It turns out our table was in a back room and we were sitting by ourselves.  One of the best parts of a cruise is meeting new people during dinner and making some new friends.  When the headwaiter came by later we told him we would prefer to be sitting with others and he promised he would move us tomorrow.
   After dinner there was nothing left to do but head to the Casino.  I did pretty well most of the evening, but at the end of the day I managed to give all my winnings (plus the days allowance) back to them.  Probably stayed up a little too late and drank too much too.  After some gambling, I stopped by the Pig and Whistle to see Derek Lewis wrap up his act.  I've seen him before on the Rhapsody of the Seas, and he's just hilarious.  If you ever get a chance to see him, I highly recommend it.