Tim's Travel Blog

Day 7.  At Sea.

I woke up not feeling very well again today.  Spent a lot of time in the steam room and that seemed to help me.  I did real well at the Casino this afternoon, but managed to give it all back after dinner. Overall, I'm only down a couple hundred for the week, so I guess that's just the cost of entertainment.  Not a bad deal.  We ate lunch in the formal dining room today.  We'd never done that before, usually just getting a burger from the Windjammer.  Lunch in the dining room was excellent, though.  The menu was comparable to the evening menu.  I had a lobster cake and fried catfish.  Malissa and Alex both had the Barbeque sandwich.  Oddly, though, we still weren't put at a table with anyone else.  Didn't do much through the afternoon.  At dinner, we changed our seating arrangements and moved Alex to the table next to us, while Russell and Kristi joined us at our table.  It was really nice to have someone else at the table.  I think I mentioned before that Russell is at the Craps table most nights and I had met him the first night on the ship, then it turned out they were seated by themselves at the table next to ours.  We enjoyed it enough we told our waiter that we would have that seating again tomorrow.