Tim's Travel Blog

Day 6. Montego Bay, Jamaica.

Slept in a little bit today again.  Woke up about 8:00 and wasn't feeling real well.  I've been kinda congested since last night and my sinuses were really bothering me today.  I finally got out of bed about 8:30 and went to the sauna for a while.  The sauna made me feel better, and I could breath a little better, so I had some breakfast and sat on the pool deck to watch the ship pull into Jamaica.  There was a steady rain coming down as we pulled up to the dock and it didn't take long before I was feeling congested again.  This time I sat in the steam room for about 15 minutes and that really helped.  I went back and sat on the pool deck for a couple of hours, just talking to people that were there, then decided to make another trip to the steam room - more because I had enjoyed it so much the last time.  It was about 11:30 so I decided to go wake up Malissa and Alex (Malissa said I need to note the fact that she didn't come to bed until after 3:00 AM, but this is my story and I'll tell it as I see fit).  They had actually just gotten up and were ready to eat, so we went to the Windjammer to have some lunch.  We decided to head into Montego Bay to do some shopping, but as we ate lunch my headache started coming back so I decided to hit the steam room once more before we went ashore.  Eventually we made it ashore and spent some money.  I bought Alex a hat with dreadlocks and a pencil with dreadlocks and I bought Malissa some wind chimes.  I got myself a clock and picked up a present for our neighbor who's watching our pets while we're gone.  We got back on the ship about 2:00 and I needed a nap.  I hope this doesn't turn into a full-blown cold.  I may have to look for some Nyquil tonight.  Probably should add something to my checklist, but I'm not sure what.  I went to the Casino for a little while after dinner, but didn't do very well, so went to bed early.