Tim's Travel Blog

Day 5.  Georgetown, Grand Cayman.

I slept late today and got up about 8:30 and had breakfast.  We decided not to go ashore in the Cayman Islands today and just relaxed on the ship.  Didn't really do much at all.  By late afternoon we decided we didn't want to get dressed up for dinner (today was the second formal night) and agreed we'd go to Johnny Rocket's instead.  We were all really looking forward to a root beer float, but they didn't have any root beer!  I had a club sandwich that was a good change from the food at the Windjammer and we ran into the people that sit at the table next to us at dinner there too.  They'd come to the same conclusion we had and didn't want to get dressed up.  Their names are Russell and Kristi.  They have three kids.  I see Russell every night at the craps table too.  After dinner Malissa and I decided to sit in a Jacuzzi for a while.  The Jacuzzi in the Solarium (adults only) was crowded so we went to the one in the gym.  While we were in there, I noticed a sign on a door that said "Men's changing room, Sauna, and Steam."  That was something I really needed.  I've been feeling congested all day.  I went in to the sauna for about 15 minutes and felt a lot better.  When I got back to the room, Malissa was already there.  We headed to the casino and I was just up and down, up and down all night.  I finally cashed out about 9:00 and I was down about $50.  I went back to the room to get my pipe and Malissa was there watching "Mama Mia."  She asked me to meet Alex and sign him into adventure ocean.  I did that and headed back to the casino.  Things went a lot better and I cashed out at about 12:30 up about $250 for the day.  That puts me about even for the week.  I was feeling good about it and went to bed.